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Aab-e-Hayat By Umera Ahmed Episode 02 (Adam o Hawa)

The Second Episode of Aab-e-Hayat with the New Chapter Aadam-o-Hawwa. And it has been published in Khawateen Digest December 2014.   Read Aab-e-Hayat Urdu Novel By Umera Ahmed Episode 02 Online Here: Download Aab-e-Hayat Urdu Novel By Umera Ahmed

Download Jhootay Roop Ke Darshan by Raja Anwar in PDF

Jhootay Roop Key Darshan Urdu Novel by Raja Anwar is a romantic story About Student life. Jhooty Roop k Darshan by Raja Anwar is also a social romantic novel. Jhootay Roop K Darshan by Raja Anwar looks